LIFE AGRICLOSE joins International Compost Week

During the week of 2 to 8 May, various awareness actions about compost and its life cycle are organized

International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is an educational composting initiative held in different countries each year during the first week of May. The aim is to inform and promote the use of compost, explain where it comes from, how it can be used and what its benefits are.

The use of compost has many benefits as it improves the structure and water and nutrients retention capacity  of soils, preventing its erosion and degradation, increases its biological activity making a healthier soil and it facilitates the balanced growth of the plants. In addition, it supposes an economic saving since it avoids the use of so many mineral fertilizers.

During this week, from 2 to 8 May, various awareness-raising and information actions on compost will be held worldwide, including workshops and activities related to composting and its benefits, conferences and seminars, visits to composting plants or areas with community composters, activities in schools, among others.

Compost can be made with vegetable waste, sewage sludge, organic fraction residues, but also with manure or solid fractions obtained from the treatment of manure. In this sense, LIFE AGRICLOSE project seeks to find the best composting process for the solid fraction of pig manure that the farmer himself can make on his farm. This resulting compost can be used to fertilize many more crops with organic products such as fruit trees, what facilitates the management of livestock manure from farms located in fruit production areas.

LIFE AGRICLOSE contributes to the awareness and use of this product as an organic fertilizer. Take a look to the video we made for ICAW 2021.

Once again AGRICLOSE is working to improve the environment and harnessing resources !!!!!

Link to the video



AGRICLOSE collaborates with International Compost Awareness Week

This week is International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW), a yearly initiative held in a number of countries in the first week of May, in which Waste Agency of Catalonia and the Catalan Water Agency are taking part. During the week, institutions wanting to get involved organise a number of awareness-raising and informative actions in relation to compost.
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